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Alan Chen

Personal Profile

Flow of Nature 2.jpg

Alan Chen is a Malaysian born Chinese and a nature lover. Since young, he was always captivated in epic nature sceneries such as Cameron Highlands, Switzerland Mt. Titlis, Germany Mt. Matterhorn and mountains in China, Japan and Korea. As a kid, Alan was fascinated by his father’s Chinese paintings collections and started painting Chinese “Shan Shui” drawings using different medias such as water colors, sketches and even pen brushes on paper. 


He was exposed to western painting styles, abstraction and cubism during his secondary school in Singapore. The love of nature was even more elevated during his university years in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is a great city with beautiful natures and naturally vibrant colors such as Sky Blue Skies, Leaf Green fields and Pumpkin sunsets. 


After some years back in Malaysia, Alan decided to relive the childhood artistic passion. He started doing tributes of Jackson Pollock’s, a great western paainter, drip paintings. Alan decided to combine Chinese “Qi-Yun” with drip painting expression and did a series of drip painting abstractions out of his own creativity. However, as a Chinese, Alan felt the strong emotion to combine Western Abstraction and Chinese elements.In 2019, Alan started to express Chinese “Shan Shui” with dynamic brush strokes, heavy textures, vibrant and monochrome images. 

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