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Catherine Chai

Personal Profile


Catherine was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in 1971. Her interest in arts was piqued at a tender age – and it developed into a full-blown passion for everything to be creative. In her little ways, she hopes to share that familial spirit that puts smiles on our faces and keeps us going with inspiration from daily living.

She finished her Graphic Design at Saito University College in Saito Academy of Graphic Design Catherine’s experience includes a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities. She has spent 13 years as a designer in an advertising company in Malaysia as well as Singapore. Her position allowed her to practice visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.


Other than that, Catherine also worked as a gallery curator in White Box Gallery and has experience in teaching art. With powerful creative energy, Catherine successfully started her own business in 2017 by running an art gallery café, which is Senso Art Gallery Café after five years of planning. It has taken her much courage and determination to manage an art gallery café and continue to develop her skills as an artist at the same time.


Catherine is now still passionate about making impactful art that can bring positive vibes to people and improve their quality of life. Her art practices often focus on nature and always incorporate mixed media in her works. She pursues her extraordinary style with great passion and effort and has been improving steadily over the years.


Catherine believes that her art can eventually bring positive messages to the viewer and this is what has been driving her to continue making art.

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