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Wen Shu

Personal Profile

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In 1977, Wen Shu was born in a rural village in Heilongjiang Province, the coldest part of China. At the age of 5, he drew his very first 3D house with the guidance of his father and from then on he fell in love with painting. His biggest childhood dream was to be able to paint everyday... but life is very much unexpecting. He grew up to major in environment arts and became a famous interior design after he graduated.

He believes that art itself has its own language.

''When you first see the artwork, an automatic evaluation takes place in your inner heart, that is the message that this artwork is conveying to you. It can be a good feeling or something more neutral. Art is subjective, it varies from person to person and that is why art does not need to be understood. Sometimes, the painter himself does not understand but what he understands is the emotion felt at that very moment. Whether you're feeling happiness, sorrow, angry, worried, compassionate or loved, all these emotions are reflected into your behaviour and your art.''

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