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Anupama Ravindran

Personal Profile

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Born and brought up in the humble suburbs of the old Seremban town, Anupama Ravindran or Anu, as she is fondly known to her dear ones, is a doctor by profession. Starting her earlier school education in Sekolah Kebangsaan Puteri and King George The V Higher Secondary School,she further graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious Melaka Manipal Medical College in the year 2013. 

As much a passionate young doctor who is just budding out in her field, Anu loves art in its every form be it music, dance, writing and creative work. Her scribbles, as she calls her work is solely themed around various shades of love that keeps daily lives revolving. Genuine love and hope keeps the eternal flame of life burning.

Utilizing every stroke of brush and blot of paint optimally, Anu tries to depict human emotions in ways beyond words and speech. Blank sheets of canvases are mediums used to string different cords of ideas, scribbling out moments through an array of of colors. Art is both food and therapy to the hunger pangs of soul deep within. As an emerging  new craftsman in this magnanimous field, her work technique mainly encompasses acrylic paint and poster colors.

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