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Chai Mee Mee

Personal Profile


Chai Mee Mee was born in Ipoh, Malaysia but moved to Johor, Malaysia at the age of three. At the moment, she is residing permanently in London, United Kingdom with her husband, Max, since the year 2001. She adored the art of drawing and writing since young and when she grew older, she sharpened her skills in both these subjects in the Malaysian Institute of Art and British Academy of Interior Design in London.


Currently, Mee Mee is a graphic and interior designer, an artist and a special column writer by profession. She has been designing and drawing for a living in London for the past 18 years. Few years ago, she was actively participating in the London Local Artist's Association and exhibited few of her paintings. She wish to portray and interpret little things that has happened and things that are likely to happen in the future through her paintings

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