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Mina Yahya

Personal Profile


Mina Yahya was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in 1973. She studied Watercolor Art at Istanbul Design Centre in Istanbul, Turkey in 2017. Her first Watercolor Exhibition was held at Istanbul Design Centre in Istanbul, Turkey in 14th April 2018 with other artists. Being a passionate watercolor painter, she has painted over 200 paintings within a year.   


The theme of her painting is ‘The Journey Across the Europe Countries’. Travel gives her the opportunity to see the world through my own eyes. The beauty of nature and the amazing building architecture gives her an inspiration to paint. Most of my paintings use sketch and watercolor techniques. Sometimes, without sketching with a pen, Mina uses just watercolor in her paintings. Adventures inspires her to paint what she has seen. The colourful beauty of the world gives me the ideas of continuing to use the colours in each of her paintings.  

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