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Lawrence Loh

Personal Profile

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Lawrence, born and grew up in Perak, Malaysia pursued his interest in fine arts in Perak Institute of Art (PIA), the first institution in higher arts in Perak to enhance its skills in commercial art or graphic design. He obtained his certification under the tutelage of world renowned artists, Mr Wong Kean Choon and the late Mr Tham Peng Choon, whom both are of Ipoh roots.

Since then, Lawrence's interest in watercolor painting grew tremendously. Besides watercolor, he dabbled with oil and pastel colours as well. As he majored in Architectural Design, he had to place his interests in art aside for some time while he was making a mark for himself into the interior design industry. After almost 20 years, he finally took a break from his work to re-live his love and passion for art.


He is now actively involved in a few art clubs, namely IWS global membership (International Watercolor Society) & JSW (Johor Sketch Walk). He participated in  Abu Rawash Pride ( 2nd international watercolor contest 2018) and most recently in Historical Streets Of Kluang. 

Lawrence is objectively aiming to bring up the culture and pique people's interest of Johor Bahru, Malaysia through his art works.

Lawrance Loh he Graduated from the Commercial Art Department of Perak Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. During this period, he learned from Malaysian watercolor masters Huang Jianjun and Tan Bingquan (deceased). Currently living in Johor Bahru to engage in business contracting and engineering business, in his spare time, he is doing sketching activities with JSW painting friends. Shuttle through the streets and alleys, walk through various old towns, and record buildings with historical value and cultural landscapes one by one. In order to absorb more artistic nutrients, in recent years, he has been actively participating in domestic and overseas art exhibitions, such as local Malaysia, South Korea, China and so on. Works are also collected by some hotels and private collectors.

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