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Joe Demetro

Personal Profile

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Joe Demetro was born in the small town of Waterloo, in upstate New York, in 1973. He chose to focus on fine arts as his high school specialization subject, and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in visual art from Purchase College in 1996. As a young artist, he hovered between sculpturmerican University in Washington DC.

Upon completing the program in 1999, he participated in several residencies and exhibitions while also undertaking an art teaching qualification from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY, which he completed in 2001. Since then, Joe has been living and travelling throughout Asia and the Middle East working as an art teacher in international schools, while at the same time participating in solo and group art exhibitions whenever the opportunities have arisen. Joe currently lives in Johor Bahru, Malaysia where he continues to exhibit and teach visual art.

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