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Raymond Koh

Personal Profile

Painting with Fire 10.jpg

Raymond Koh, a Malaysian residing in Johor Bahru is an interior designer, social worker, and a pyrography artist with 30 years of experience. First introduced to pyrography in the late 70’s and it was love at first sight. It was a self-taught journey all the way much through the process of trials and errors.

Creativity and art have always been a fundamental part of his life. Being able to express his inner thought and feeling and to project them into works of art is indeed a gratifying experience.

He mainly works with wood but lately has been adding watercolour paper to his burning. Beside producing his own artworks, he does customised orders on various topic of interest. ''Wildlife is my favourite but loves working with other subjects like portraits. Nevertheless, I do not let this preferences limit me because my ultimate aim is to become an all-rounder and an accomplished artist.'' said Raymond

Pyrography is still virtually unknown here in Johor and his greatest wish is to share the beauty of it with the public at large by conducting workshops and holding exhibitions.

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