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Siew Chin Meng

Personal Profile


Siew Chin Meng, Born in 1993 Johor Bahru, Malaysia loved art ever since he was a young boy and was especially passionate about watercolor paintings. After graduating from secondary school, he started his journey as a children art instructor in an art academy named 'Pure Art House'.

Since 2012, he has been actively participating in art related events or activities, whether it be in Malaysia or a foreign country. Numerous awards have been awarded to Chin Meng from these activities. A 2nd prize at the 'Sketch in the Park Project' by Setia Eco Gardens, an honorable mention at the '7th Continental Watercolour Art' in Taiwan and got into the Finals as the only Malaysian of 'China Watercolour Exhibition'. When he isn't at work, he spends his Mondays sketching outdoors with the members of the Johor Art Society (JSW) in order enhance his painting skills.

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